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Rocksolid has been contracted as our IT department for over a decade, through multiple mergers and acquisitions. They are always there to help, and able to scale up or down operations overnight. For half the cost of traditional IT, they give us flexibility, reliability, and peace of mind.

-- Jimmy Collins, VP
Isgas Inc

The Rocksolid Guarantee

Infrastructure Reliability

From deployment to maintenance, our clients' infrastructure, network, servers and workstations enjoy guaranteed Rocksolid reliability. The key to our success is our innovative, automated monitoring and alert system that detects potential problems before they manifest, therefore minimizes down time from hardware and software failures, and greatly reduces operational and support costs.

Data Security

Because data is mission critical to any business in the petroleum industry, layered, redundant data protection is our standard practice. With transparent local and cloud backups, multi-level firewall architecture, persistent threat prevention, fine-grained group policy, our clients' data is always safe and secure from unexpected disasters, human errors, external threats, and possible rogue employees.

Custom Support

Due to its specialized nature, the petroleum industry has complex and demanding IT needs. Besides the standard Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server, VMware etc., we provide custom support for a wide range of specialty software such as Aries, Kingdom, OGsys, Petra. We also provide Linux support with an emphasis on high performance clusters, as well as custom database and application development.

We have a Linux cluster for seismic/EM 3D modeling that must be in operation 24/7, but does not warrant a full-time system administrator. Rocksolid fulfills our requirements perfectly at a fraction of the cost. Our engineers have been impressed with their expertise whenever we needed technical assistance.

-- Dr. Kurt Strack, President
KMS Technologies

The Rocksolid Team

Jake Fan

CEO, Founder

Paul Yorki

CTO, Managing Partner

Justin Bagley

Director, Business Development

Katye Covin

Manager, Client Relations

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I supervise a 100+ person test lab that needed a state-of-the-art process control system. Our IT would develop the system with a multi-year time frame, but we only had 6 months. Rocksolid managed to deliver in 5 months and under budget. The system has been running rock solid ever since.

-- Dale Brown, Engineer
National Oilwell Varco

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